Tooth Tabs



Tooth(paste) tabs are an excellent plastic-free alternative to toothpaste! Simply bite down on one tooth tab, wet your toothbrush, then brush as normal. These flouride-free tooth tabs are safe for the whole family, have a minty taste, and are the perfect travel item; just grab however many you need for your trip and you don't have to worry about a bursting toiletry bag again!

These chewable tooth tabs contain no preservatives, are vegan and cruelty free, Non-GMO, and fluoride free.

Each container comes with 1.3 oz of tooth tabs (around 120-125 tooth tabs). If you don't need a container, you can instead purchase the "refill" option and the tooth tabs will be sent to you in biodegradable packaging.

Made of: See ingredients below

Weight: 4.6 oz (including 2 oz jar)


  • Jar $9
  • Refill $7.50

Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Sodium bicarbonate (Baking Soda), Silica, Amisoft (Sodium Lauryl Glutamate), Magnesium Stearate, Natural Mint Flavor from essential oil, Menthol, Xanthan Gum, Stevia, Citric Acid