Toilet Bowl Brush



Our plastic-free toilet bowl brush is made with a wooden handle and natural tampico bristles. The rounded shape of the cleaning brush and the sturdy bristles make for a superior cleaning tool.

The brush comes in two sizes and two styles, with or without an extended mini-brush for the hard to reach areas underneath your toilet bowl. 

Made of: untreated beechwood, natural tampico bristles (standard)/union fiber (large)


  • Standard: 14.25"
  • Large: 15.5."


  • Standard/Large without extended mini-brush
  • Standard with extended mini-brush


  • Standard without extended mini-brush: 2.6 oz
  • Standard with extended mini-brush: 2.8 oz
  • Large: 4.7 oz


  • Standard without extended mini-brush: $11.95
  • Standard with extended mini-brush: $18
  • Large: $14.95