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Silicone Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup Straw

Silicone Baby Bottle/Sippy Cup Straw


These silicone straws can be used on our interchangeable stainless steel bottles (just switch out the top and the bottle grows with your baby!) . These soft and durable straws are perfect for babies 6 months and older and is something that you can feel good about. You're not creating any plastic waste while still allowing a comfortable drink for your child. 

The two-piece straw means it's easy to clean and is dishwasher safe.You can also rest assured that your baby and toddler will stay dry with the no spill opening!

Nipples, spouts, straws, and disks are crafted from medical grade silicone. 

100% plastic free & Non-Toxic Certified 

No plastic , BPA, BPS, EA, PVC, PAH, or Phthalates

Made of: Medical grade silicone

Weight: 1.3 oz

Cost: $5.99

Care: Dishwasher safe