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Body Soap - Rejuvenate


Rejuvenate Soap Bar is a part of our California Coastal Tribute soap line. Each bar is dedicated to a part of California from the pines of the north, deserts of the east, and of course our beautiful coastline. Rejuvenate is a refreshing, uplifting soap bar reminding us to renew our intentions, reestablish a relationship with nature, and find a balance between the two.

Made of: See ingredients below

Size: 3.25" x 2"

Weight: 4.7 oz


  • Single: $5.25
  • Set of 4: $20
  • Set of 6: $29

Ingredients: Saponified sunflower oil*, coconut oil*, sustainable palm oil*, and safflower oil* (with retained glycerin); water, peppermint essential oil, wheat grass*, barley grass*, peppermint leaf*, menthol, rosemary extract.

* ingredients marked with an asterisk are certified organic