Organic Cotton Pantyliner

Organic Cotton Pantyliner



These organic cotton pantyliner are ultra soft, reusable, slim, absorbent, and made in the USA. Versatile for every stage of life, from menstruation to incontinence to postpartum, these organically grown cotton period protections are a great alternative to disposable pantyliners and tampons.

When using these cloth pantyliner, securely snap the wings of your pad around your underwear. Change your pad every 2-6 hours or as needed. Instructions included.

Pantyliner-regular and plus flow 

Organic Pantyliner 1 count $14.69

Weight:  1.3 oz


Organic Pantyliner 3 count $36.99

Weight:  2.4 oz

Organic Pantyliner Plus 3 count $39.99

Weight: 2.8 oz