Food Wraps



These wraps and bags are great for produce, herbs, bread, cheese, and creating waste free meals. Cover your favorite container when storing leftovers.

Warms to the touch, simply fold around food, mould to storage containers or bowls, create snack packs, or roll into cones for fresh herbs. 

Wash with cold water, use natural dish soap when needed, and air dry. Store loosely folded. Avoid heat and meat.

Lasts up to 150 uses with proper care.

Fully compostable when they are ready to be tossed!

Beeswax Wrap Ingredients: 100% premium cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, pine tree resin, coconut wax.

Vegan Wrap Ingredients: Organic Cotton, Candelila Wax, Jojoba Oil, Pine Tree Resin

*Beeswax XL Food/ Bread Wrap measures:

18" x 22"

Weight: 3.7 oz

Cost: $26.99

*Large Set (5 pieces) measurements:


qty. 2- 8x8"

qty. 2- 10x10"

qty. 1- 13x14"

Weight: 4.6 oz

Cost: $32.99

*Medium Set (3 pieces) measurements:

qty. 1- 6x9"

qty. 1- 10x10"

qty. 1- 11x14"

Weight: 3.7 oz

Cost: $30.00

*Vegan Food Wrap (3 pieces) measurements: 

qty. 1- 

qty. 1-

qty. 1-

Weight: 2.8

Cost: $24.00

*Bag Set (2 pack) measurements:

qty. 1- 9" x 7"

qty. 1- 8" x 6.5"

Cost: $27.99