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Refillable Products

Why Refill?

Most plastics are petroleum (aka crude oil) based. Yup. Everyday we produce single-use petroleum waste at an alarming rate, and very little of it gets recycled. Plastics that are not recycled can break up into tiny pieces called micro plastics. Micro plastics and micro-beads are tiny particles of plastic that can pass through water filtration systems. Plastics also release harmful chemicals that can cause health problems in humans and animals. These chemicals can also seep into the ground, groundwater, and eventually into local waterways.

How to Refill


Bring a Container or Buy a Container

Any cleaned out container can be filled or refilled


Weigh Your Container

Tare or pre-weigh the container you wish to fill


Fill with Your Favorite Products

Get as much or as little as you desire


Customize if Available

Some of the refillable products are bases and include customization with food-grade essential oils, organic dried flowers, or precious stones and minerals from the earth


Weigh Your Container

Weigh your container again and subtract the original weight


Enjoy Your Products, Refill

Know that we are doing our best to provide the highest quality products. This includes products that are plant based, free of parabens and sulfates, and marine safe when possible.


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